Review – Gothic Lolita Wigs ‘Classic Auburn Light’

‘Allo! I went looking for reviews of this wig when I was first looking into buying it, but I couldn’t find any, so I thought I’d make one! (Please hold all applause until the end of the post).

I did sort of a half-assed Black Widow to take proper pictures of it:

Image      yes I know she doesn’t have day-glo orange nails, but work with me here, people


On a side note, I had the perfect Black Widow-y lipstick just lying around and got super excited and now I want to legit cosplay her. Aieee, so many cosplays, so little time. But back to what I’m supposed to be talking about, because I’m an adult and I refuse to be distracted by shiny things. Mostly.

I really like this wig. It’s got a skin part and it’s quite adjustable, so it ought to fit anyone unless they have a really tiny head or a serious amount of actual hair. (I have a lot of hair personally but I cheat by making a ponytail and putting it down the back of my shirt. I am going to be so screwed when I finally wear a short wig. So screwed. BRAIDING SKILLS AHOY). But it works quite nicely with this wig!

It’s also very soft and decently heavy, for a wig. When I first took it out of the package I was impressed by its weight. It’s not heavy enough to give you a headache or anything, but it does add greatly to a ‘feeling like actual hair’ experience—-and indeed it’s quite realistic. As a matter of fact I first bought mine for an Amy Pond cosplay and on the way back to my hotel room (in Amy, of course) I ended up sharing the elevator with an older couple who complimented me on my beautiful red hair and normal un-costumed appearance. I didn’t have the heart to break it to them.



Upkeep seems to be minimal, although I’m not rough on it. I leave it in its net thing in a box in my closet and it seems to be fine there. It’s gotten a tiny bit wispy on the edges, as you can see, but it’s nothing serious and I could probably fix it if I had more wig knowledge. I’ve left the bangs as they are and just sweep them over a bit so they’re not in my eyes.



All in all I absolutely recommend this wig. It’s served me well and I really think it’s worth the money.

It’s also much closer to the color of my pictures than it is to its own stock pictures. It came darker than I expected but that was fantastic for my purposes . . . though if you want a much lighter-colored wig than this is probably not it, despite the light stock photos.

You can buy it here: 


*wig bought by me, I was not paid for my opinion


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