Lady Loki themed nails! (Because glitter is never wrong).

Due to my love of bad guys, evildoers, and general miscreants, I’m very fond of Loki, lady and otherwise. I’m also fond of magnetic nail polish and the color green, so this worked out extremely well. BEHOLD:


This is so shiny in person. And glittery. Both of which happen to be on my yardstick of success-measuring.


The magnetic polish in question is ‘Reality Star’ by Revlon. The gold tips are ‘The Gold & the Beautiful’ by Wet N’ Wild, which wins the Polish Brand Name I’m Most Uncomfortable Saying Out Loud In Public. It’s very pretty, though! And it works so well for Lady Loki!


My pointy nails are awesome for Lady Loki. I can absolutely imagine her with gilded talons, commanding royal that she is. Mind you hers would probably be longer—-and more capable of destruction.

All in all, I’m delighted with this look. I’m having a lot of fun just wearing it about (eating a sandwich Lady Loki style! Buying bagels Lady Loki style!), and I’m never going to take it off ever. Nobody can stop me.

Both hands Lady Loki Style! /sunglasses


Nail polishes used: Revlon ‘Reality Star’, Wet N’ Wild ‘The Gold & the Beautiful’, Seche Vite topcoat.


About Anne

Co-owner of a small sheep farm, part-time student, writer, cosplayer, and giver of hairy eyeballs.
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One Response to Lady Loki themed nails! (Because glitter is never wrong).

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    Beautiful 🙂

    – KW

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