Review – Delightful Rot Perfumery ’67 Chevy Impala’ and ‘Castiel’

Perfumes and oils and weird scent things are awesome. Period. At least to me, and I’m the one I’m talking about so if you have a dissenting opinion you can go . . . send me a strongly-worded letter. Because we’re all civilized people here. Theoretically.

Anyway, I want to give a little review (and hearty recommendation) to Etsy seller Delightful Rot and their fantastic perfume oils. I found them while looking through Etsy and was immediately all excited over their list of various sci-fi-and-comics-related scents (there’s a TARDIS one! And it smells like blueberry tea! You can’t tell me you’re not curious).

I got a selection of various different scents, most of which were completely excellent, but I’ll be showcasing Castiel and 67 Chevy Impala today! First off, Supernatural scents, you guys. I kind of think that in reality everyone and everything in that show would smell like mud with a side order of blood, salt, sulphur, and exploded things, but Delightful Rot’s interpretations smell like raw awesome. And dirt, actually, in the case of 67 Chevy Impala!

Apologies for the pictures—-I took them with my iPOD, which has surprisingly nice quality for an MP3 player but unsurprisingly terrible quality for an actual camera.


The listed description for 67 Chevy Impala (pictured above in its blurry form) is: “A man’s scent. Bay rum, spiked with graveyard dirt, gunpowder, a touch of leather and a ring of salt, with an overtone of masculine musk.”

As with all the shop descriptions, this one’s pretty accurate! On me it was very manly and complicated with a little acrid hint. It got softer and less acrid with time, then switched and got more dirty and gunpowder-y. It also lasted pretty well, for a few hours anyway. Then it was soft and faint for ages. I ended up layering it over Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s ‘Eat Me’, which is a very sweet dessert scent that went extremely well with the gunpowder. This scent is pretty darn sexy, gotta say. Especially if you happen to be wearing leather.


And then there’s Castiel, which was my absolute favorite. The shop description is: “A softer, clean masculine scent. A hint of frankincense, touched with heavy wet clouds and the worn cotton of a khaki trench coat.”

All right. So I don’t know exactly what frankincense or worn cotton or whatnot exactly smells like. But this is awesome. Absolutely fantastic. It does smell kinda clean and ethereal and it isn’t cloying at all. I honestly have no idea how to describe the scent. But it’s amazing and doesn’t wear off in the slightest. Rating: EPIC. Seriously, it’s the kind of scent you want to roll about in and stay with forever. Which is entirely possible, because it clings like a champion.

So, to sum up, go get these. They’re wonderfully Supernatural-y and they smell excellent. What more can one ask for?

You can go buy them over here:

*all scents purchased by me


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2 Responses to Review – Delightful Rot Perfumery ’67 Chevy Impala’ and ‘Castiel’

  1. Nor Wayne says:

    67 Chevy Impala = AWESOME! (Caps required)

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