Lady Skwisgaar cosplay! FOR METAL!

Hi there, I’m Skwisgaar Skwigelf, lead guitarist for the greatest metal band in the world: Dethklok. And I’m the ONLY guitarist on the albums, because Odin-damned Toki can’t do his job right. All room keys and panties can be handed over after the show. Or thrown during it. I don’t mind. 😉


             (please imagine that said with a heavy Swedish accent. Thank you)


In all seriousness, this has got to be one of my more entertaining costumes. I LOVE metal, and the cartoon Metalocalypse is fantastic when it isn’t being disgustingly awful (AKA Anything With Murderface or Dr. Rockso. No. Just . . . no). If you haven’t seen the show, it’s about The Greatest Metal Band In The World, ‘Dethklok’, and is mostly a satire of metal in general. Skwisgaar is their lead guitarist, self-obsessed, petty, sexually deviant, very Swedish, and mostly a horrible person. He’s great fun to cosplay! I’m personally about an eighth Swedish, so I’m absolutely qualified—-and yes, I will keep telling myself that.

This is, of course, a lady version of him. I’ve tried looking like a man in the past and I’m really terrible at it, mostly because I’m built like a pioneer farm woman of the stock usually referred to as ‘hearty’.



I made his signature skull belt buckle out of clay and painted it silver. I had to attach the studs to the belt as well—-I couldn’t find a single one with studs that went all of the way around. Hm. I feel like there’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’ll be darned if I can find it.



Skwisgaar’s never seen without his Gibson Explorer, even in the hot tub. Real ones are hellishly expensive. I made mine out of plywood, foam, and tin foil. The wires are fishing line, and the neck is a piece of nicer wood we had lying around, stained to match. It looks pretty sweet, and it’s got some heft to it. The only real difficulty is making sure I don’t accidentally club people at conventions when I turn around (if I’ve clubbed you in the past, I’m very very sorry).



The first convention I went to with this costume was a small Anime convention. Very few people had any idea who I was, even though I was accompanied by a pretty badassly-cosplayed CFO Charles Ofdensen (Dethlok’s manager, if you don’t watch Metalocalypse and are still wondering why in God’s name anyone would name a character Skwisgaar Skwigelf). I was looking at something in the vendor’s room when I heard a yell from across the room, “SKWISGAAR! YOU’S A LADY!”.

That was amazing, and remains one of my all-time favorite convention moments.



For the sake of metal, you guys. Do it for metal.



And finally . . . I couldn’t find any GMILFs, but we all know Skwisgaar and his guitar are extremely (extremely) close. So it can pose with me instead. (Love you, guitar!) I hope you guys had half the fun listening to me talk about this cosplay as I’ve had wearing it around. It’s one of the first cosplays I ever got together, and it’s still a blast to wander around with at conventions, grumbling under my breath in garbled English and trying not to club passers-by. Keep it classy, Skwisgaar. Keep it classy.


         (like heck was I kidding about the room keys and the panties. Hand ’em over)


About Anne

Co-owner of a small sheep farm, part-time student, writer, cosplayer, and giver of hairy eyeballs.
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10 Responses to Lady Skwisgaar cosplay! FOR METAL!

  1. Wendy says:

    You make a great Skwisgaar!!!

  2. Nor Wayne says:

    I wish I could make such a metal Skwisgaar!

  3. Donna says:

    Hey, are you on Facebook? You look like one cool, Nordic Metal chick!

    • Donna says:

      Ugh, just found the link. I’ll go check it out. Cheers to Metal!

      • Anne says:

        Message me on there if you want! I’d love to talk metal. I’ve got ‘Vodka’ by Korpiklaani stuck in my head right now, and dayum I love that song.

      • Anne says:

        Also thanks! I LOVE metal, and Skwisgaar is one of my absolute favorite cosplays. I want to see if I can get enough people to cosplay all of Dethklok some time!

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