Review – Delightful Rot Perfumery ‘Avengers Scents’

Huzzah! More Delightful Rot scents. I’m very fond of them—-they aren’t ‘heavy’-smelling, like a lot of the really tank florals and musks you can get in stores. None of the Delightful Rot scents I’ve tried so far are overpowering, which is really nice both for me and for the people who have to smell me (hi there, martial arts class!).

These are from their Avengers collection. It’s more extensive than these four scents (also there’s a perfume called ‘Mewling Quim’, which has got to be one of the most fun scents to reply to ‘what are you wearing?’ with), but due to general poorness I only got three from the Avengers collection. Thor was given to me afterward by a friend who got it and found it didn’t quite work on her. It is now my mission to both cosplay and wear Thor AT THE SAME TIME, thus causing some kind of time/space rift—-or at least causing me to be greatly amused. Hey, I live on a farm with sheep. I take what amusements I can get, y’hear me?

First up is Loki! Yes, this involves the return of terrible iPOD photos. Let’s all pretend we don’t notice.


From shop description: “Smoke and mirrors. Notes of deep green herbs, incense smoke and a touch of frost. NOTE: In true Loki fashion, I can’t quite figure out if this is primarily a masculine or feminine scent. I think it’s rather ambiguous, and could work for either.”

Personally . . . I didn’t like it. Which is unfortunate, both because it sounds awesome and because I’ve heard a bunch of good reviews of it. So I’m going to mark it as ‘doesn’t work on me’. On my skin any slight florals tend to leap out, punch me in the face, and then give me a headache. I do not like florals. Florals do not like me. Anyway, on me, I’m not really sure what this smells like. Sort of a deep spicy floral. It kind of vaguely smelled (on me) like bathroom air freshener. Could be cloying. So yep . . . did not work on me at all. BAH.




From website: “The scent of a thunderstorm. Rain, wet and heavy in the air, soaking through earth and trees alike, with a crackling note of ozone. NOTE: I would say this scent is primarily masculine wet, though when it dries down it’s far more androgynous.”

On me! Sort of spicy floral right off, though not cloying. A bit soapy. Not badly, though. Smells like lilies, maybe? Getting a bit of the ozone thing in the background. Fade-down is about the same. Overall, I liked it, but I didn’t adore it. Probably ’cause of the floral thing, although Thor didn’t give me a headache at all. Seriously, you guys. The weirdest things turn into florals on me.


Next! Poisonous Dream! Exclamation mark!


                 (yes that says Poisonous Dream, no my iPOD does not like small font)

From website: “The blackberry musk of a sweet dream, distorted by cool mint and black oud.”

On me . . . Yep, blackberry musk. Like a BOSS. I dunno what oud smells like (all I can think of is Ood, and they probably smell like damp snakes and inner peace). I guess there could be a bit of mint, but it’s certainly not jumping out at me. Sticks around for quite a while and doesn’t change scents. This could be a bit cloying on me, but I attribute that to my battle with florals again. Overall, I like it. BLACKBERRY MUSK, you guys.


And lastly . . . Glorious Purpose!


                                         (small-font iPOD hate strikes again!)

From website: “A majestic combination of jeweled blood orange and fiery cinnamon.”

I was extremely excited about this. Frisking occurred. I love cinnamon. I love orange. I love this scent. It is glorious and purposeful. This actually does smell a heck of a lot like orange and cinnamon. Orange is the prevailing scent here, very sharp and fresh. But also kind of homey and sort of potpourri-y. It gets quite a bit less vibrant after half an hour or so, where it promptly gets more sort of spicy incense-y. Which I approve of. DUDE. This is AWESOME. Get thee to the shops.

The shop owner is also absolutely lovely and helpful, I must add. It takes absolutely forever (by which I mean a good few months) for these bloody things to get from the US to good ol’ Canada, so the first time I called it lost in the mail after about 2-3 months and asked her to send me a new one, which she did . . . and then the first one promptly showed up. So we (I was co-ordering with two friends) sent her money for the second package currently in transit. Then the second one got lost in the mail. SOOOOO I asked her to send a THIRD one, which hasn’t shown up yet, but no doubt will whenever the border guards decide it’s not a bomb or a really small badger and send it on its way again. Throughout it all the Delightful Rot owner remained very nice and sympathetic, which I think is pretty awesome of her.

You can buy these all over here:

*all scents purchased by me/my friends


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  1. There are Wonder Woman lipstick if you are looking for products to review.

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