Review – Lucky 13 Lacquer ‘Last of the Time Lords’


Today, in snazzy things, I have three nail polishes from Lucky 13 Lacquer’s ‘Last of the Time Lords’ collection. Doctor Who nail polish, people. You have no idea how exciting I find this. As a delightful bonus, these are also gorgeous and 3-free and they last like BOSSES. These suckers all clung to my nails with the grim determination of limpets, and it was glorious. Glorious, I tell you.

Okay, first off we have ‘Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey’, which (as you can see) is a translucent blue with a bunch of star glitter and moon glitter and dot glitter and other dot glitter. It’s incredibly pretty. The depth is really neat and it sort of seems to glow from within, which I would categorize as Raw Awesome. I could not stop staring at this while I was wearing it. So. Cool. It also didn’t stain my nails, which blue polishes tend to do (winning!).

The only downside is that, due to allllll the glitter used, it’s mildly stick-uppy on the nail. Let me stress the mildly. I put a top coat on it and had a couple of star points sticking through the top coat, which wasn’t bothersome to me at all. Plus I probably could have applied it so as to fix that. But I’m lazy. So there you go.

Witness the glory! =D


 (Nail polishes used: One coat base coat, 2-3-ish coats Lucky 13 Lacquer ‘Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey’, one coat Seche Vite top coat).

Next up is ‘Hey, Who Turned Out The Lights?’ which I pretty much had to buy for the name alone. It’s a glow-in-the-dark nail polish called Hey, Who Turned Out The Lights, you guys. HOW AWESOME IS THIS? (Substantially less so if you haven’t seen the Doctor Who episode it’s referencing, but bear with me, non-Doctor-Who-watchers). Anyway, as one would expect it to, it glows in the dark! Really well, actually.

I don’t have pictures of it doing its thing (sorry), but trust me when I say that it glows exactly how one would imagine it to. The glow doesn’t fade over time. In fact, I painted my toes with it, forgot about it, and was mildly alarmed at toe-glow when I went to bed a week later. I officially declare it glowy.

I put it overtop my existing nail polish so you can see what changes it makes to the finish. Here my ring and index fingers are matte, while everything else is shiny.


And afterward, with two coats of Hey, Who Turned Out The Lights? on all fingers:


As you can see, it’s very faintly cloudy and it gives you a decently shiny finish. The glow also works fine if you put top coat over it, so that’s nice, although it works excellently as a top coat all by itself. (I can also say that it works fine on bare nails, because I put it on my friend Dean. In the interests of research, naturally).

Last (but not least!) is ‘A 51st Century Guy’, which is /swoon

Okay, I’m back.

This right here was the reason I absolutely had to buy nail polish from this collection. I saw a picture of it, made vague whimpering sounds, and started foraging for money to throw at the seller. For one thing, I adore Captain Jack Harkness (handsome, witty, ‘omnisexual’ man of mystery who looks great in a military-styled coat—-if you don’t watch Doctor Who!), and, for another, this is so darn beautiful and versatile. It’s red heart glitter, hex gunmetal glitter, and white squares in a clear base. I didn’t have to fish for the heart glitters at all, although I did maneuver them about a bit on the nail.

It’s fantastic! ❤ It looks very clean and clear-edged, and I love it. I’m going to put it over EVERYTHING.


(Nail polishes used: one coat base coat, three coats NYC ‘Tribeca Silver’, one coat Lucky 13 Lacquer ‘A 51st Century Guy’, Seche Vite top coat).

Aieee, so pretty. I love all of these. The application is very good on all of them (trifle tricksy on Timey Wimey due to metric ton of glitter, but not bad at all!). I seriously cannot stop fangirling. And they’re great fun to answer with when people ask what you’re wearing!

The shop owner is also very nice, which bears mentioning. I’m an international order due to living in the moose-ridden wilds of Canada, so I had to message her about shipping and she was extremely kind and helpful.

Anyway, these all turned out wonderfully, and I’m overwhelmingly pleased, incredibly happy, and downright chuffed (which is a word I encourage everyone to use more often). I absolutely recommend them, especially if you’re a Doctor Who fan and are currently cackling in delight at the names.

You can get them all over here, if so desired:

*all nail polishes purchased by me, I was not paid for my opinion

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