Supernatural Cosplay! (Watch out demons—-we’ve got pointy things).


Yep. I’ve been wanting to do a lady Sam Winchester cosplay for a long time, and my good buddy Dean was happy to cosplay the dashingly handsome Dean Winchester. Our lovely friend Clara stepped in to cosplay an adorable lady Castiel, and I think everyone can agree that she absolutely rocked the angelic confusion. TEAM FREE WILL!

We haven’t figured out where Will is, as of yet, but we’ll certainly free him when we find him.


I made my demon-killing knife (tutorial here: ), Clara made her angel sword, and Dean made Dean’s necklace, which was sadly still drying at the time of these pictures and was replaced with a small vial of fairy dust. Which actually worked out pretty darn snazzily (magical attributes notwithstanding). And, seeing as Dean Winchester was once abducted by fairies—-no such things as aliens, people—-it seemed oddly appropriate.


Here’s the actual necklace, on me. Dean carved it out of air-dry clay, and, despite worries of horn snappage, it held solid right through a convention. Hell. Yes. But not actual hell. We’re trying to avoid talking about that.

If you’re wondering what the heck a Supernatural is and considering the dark forces of Google, let me enlighten you (glory be, halleluyer). Supernatural is a TV show about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who ride around the US of A in an extremely cool car while doing things like killing demons and stopping apocalypses. They’ve got a few friends who help from time to time, the primary one being an angel called Castiel who wears a trench coat and is frequently confused by technology, human behaviour, and pop culture references.


In the above picture we have Sam Winchester on the left, Dean Winchester in the middle, and Castiel on the right—-all in more or less the outfits we’re copying for our cosplays (also Dean Winchester usually looks a lot less Jersey Shore, I promise. This is just the best outfit photo I could find. Sorry about that, Dean).

And back to us, here adorable lady Castiel demands total authority and control over the irritatingly independent humans.


And then everybody laughed. Except me, because I had a neck cramp damage from a previous battle.


Lady Castiel versus lady Sam Winchester! Any bets? (Sam, you just left your entire chest open—-NOT a good battle tactic).


And here we all are at the end of the day, laughing as lady Castiel/Clara (Clarastiel?) tries to hold her Quizzical Look Of Quizzicality. Or maybe she’s wondering why she puts up with us oafs at all. You never can tell with angels.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures! We certainly had a lot of fun taking them. This was Clara’s first cosplay, and she was AWESOME. She got her Castiel-confusion look down absolutely pat and was ridiculously adorable. Dean, of course, was a sexy beast (and that’s Dean Winchester all over). And most of the time I escaped having my hair totally obscure my face, which I count as a seriously in-character win.

Watch out, minions of hell. We’re comin’ for you.

. . . although some of us may just pause to tuck back our hair first.

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Co-owner of a small sheep farm, part-time student, writer, cosplayer, and giver of hairy eyeballs.
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5 Responses to Supernatural Cosplay! (Watch out demons—-we’ve got pointy things).

  1. Mishka says:

    Glob. Yes.

  2. cheri says:

    Way cool cosplay! I have watched supernatural from day one. I’m on a night schedule, so I get up and watch(thank god for dvr) sam and dean, drink my coffee and wake up. It pisses me off supremely when its pre emptyed for something else like maybe a xmas show. Supernatural is for holidays too!

    • Anne says:

      Yay, thanks! Supernatural is a fantastic show (and I share your DVR love!). I’m really happy with how they’ve managed to keep it awesome through the years—-season nine and still great! And yes, I especially love their Christmas episode where they end up having to kill those elderly pagan gods with a Christmas tree . . . really brings the holiday spirit, haha =D

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