Black Canary Cosplay (In Progress)

The Black Canary is one of the oldest female ye-olde-comic-book superheroes to actually kick ass (plus be a total MILF). She doesn’t get quite as much love as a lot of the other super-ladies, but she’s a martial artist, drives a sweet motorcycle, and . . . yep, she’s pretty cool. This is me starting off on cosplaying her properly.

So here’s the base model! Leotard, fishnets, and boots. Currently we’re missing a cropped shiny black jacket, gloves, (higher) boots, a choker, a mask, makeup, hair control, and sanity. These will all be acquired. Except sanity. Sanity is for pansies.


These boots will hopefully be replaced by taller rubber platforms, and I’ll make some yellow stripe-dealies for them. Same for her gloves, which I (again!) have not yet gotten. Curses. To the thrift stores!


I’m wearing a black wet-look leotard over a black bathing suit. Originally I was just going to have at it with the leotard, but when it arrived I tried it on and immediately noticed that I looked like a stripper who’d grown three sizes overnight. You can see the original lines of the leotard here, and it’s bloody scanty. I’m going to sew it to the bathing suit so 1. it won’t move around, and 2. so I’ll look more superhero, and less superhooker. (Although y’know what, I bet superhooker would be an interesting character. Maybe she could attack evildoers with a hook. You never know).


Ninja moves! Ninjas totally do this.


So this was supposed to be a double-punch, but it’s painfully clear that my arms just kind of gave it up and went freeform on me halfway through. Let’s all just pretend it’s imposing, shall we?


Smirking is the deadliest weapon of all, ask anyone.


And there we go! I’ll update as I get more and more things for her. I have found the perfect jacket on The Ebay, but I’m delaying getting it in the hopes that thrift store trolling might produce shiny results. I may have to bite the ol’ bullet soon.

So, what do you think? Hopefully I’m terribly intimidating and any evildoers reading this are currently taking off to go turn themselves in. I can’t wait until she’s finished; I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also revamping my Emma Frost cosplay—-she’s going to get a big cape and a staff/scepter, you guys!—-so this should be fun.

And I promise not to punch anybody, not even in the name of justice.


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Co-owner of a small sheep farm, part-time student, writer, cosplayer, and giver of hairy eyeballs.
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