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Black Canary Cosplay (In Progress)

The Black Canary is one of the oldest female ye-olde-comic-book superheroes to actually kick ass (plus be a total MILF). She doesn’t get quite as much love as a lot of the other super-ladies, but she’s a martial artist, drives a sweet … Continue reading

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Supernatural Cosplay! (Watch out demons—-we’ve got pointy things).

SUPERNATURAL, folks! Yep. I’ve been wanting to do a lady Sam Winchester cosplay for a long time, and my good buddy Dean was happy to cosplay the dashingly handsome Dean Winchester. Our lovely friend Clara stepped in to cosplay an adorable … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Supernatural’s Demon-Killing Knife/Ruby’s Knife

Okay, so this post is going to be picture-heavy (in the ‘lots of pictures’ sense, as opposed to the ‘small amount of weighty pictures’ sense). Aaaaaand the photos are mostly mildly crummy iPOD photos, because my iPOD is so darn transportable … Continue reading

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Sheep Junk and Other Things I’ve Been Into

Sorry for the lack of posting recently. I totally have a reason. Y’know why I’ve been absent? Care to speculate? (Before you guess, I wasn’t sucked into an alternate dimension, kidnaped by aliens, initiated into a funny-smelling nudist cult, or … Continue reading

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